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Sherco 300 SE Power Kit – suits 2018-2023 Models

$807.64 ex GST

Sherco 300 SE Power Kit – suits 2018-2023 Models

$807.64 ex GST

ECU Re-flash for Sherco 300 - Send us your ECU after processing your order. We require your ECU for roughly 3-4 working days
Year Model
TSP Billet Head - Sherco 300 2018 onwards
Compression Ratio
BR8EG Carby NGK Spark plug

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Sherco 300 18on Needle

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Below items are additional extras:
1 × TSP Head insert - suits TSP Billet Head from 2018-Current Sherco 300
Compression Ratio
Extra TSP inserts are discounted down when ordered with a TSP Power Kit (The TSP power kit head already includes an insert). This gives you the option to run two different compression ratios for different riding styles.

This package will transform the power delivery of your Sherco 300, it will suit the following models:

Sherco 300 SE Factory Models 2018-2023

Sherco 300 SE Racing Models 2019-2023

**** When purchasing, please ensure you let us know what model Sherco you have in the checkout ****

The kit includes the following:

  • A new 2 piece TSP Billet machined cylinder head with a replaceable combustion chamber insert in Low, Medium, or High Comp. See below for more detailed explanations of each compression ratio.
  • Reflashing of your STOCK ECU with improved ignition and power valve maps developed by TSP…We modify both Map 1 and Map 2, with a more noticeable difference between the maps compared to the stock maps.  Map 1 is the fully tuned map delivering maximum performance. Map 2 has a softer power delivery for technical riding or very slippery conditions.
  • A new NGK spark plug, better suited to the improved power the engine makes with this kit
  • A new carby needle which provides much better fueling at part throttle than any of the needles in the stock spares kit. We will also provide a starting guide for the main jet and pilot jet. The original spares kit should contain the necessary main and pilot jets required to jet your bike to suit the TSP Power Kit. If you don’t have the original jet kit and need main and pilot jets then just ask and we can add them to your order.

This package makes a huge difference to the Sherco 300 and offers the following gains over a stock bike:

  • Much more torque at low/mid revs, where you need it most.
  • Drastically improved 0-1/2 throttle performance.
  • 2 ignition maps: hard and soft. The stock map switch works like normal to select between the customised maps.
  • Much smoother, crisper power deliver which is easier to get to the ground.
  • Much less ‘pipe bang’… this is the annoying “dang, dang, dang” noise the engine makes on deceleration. Its generally harmless but very annoying and makes some stock bikes unpleasant to ride at times.
  • Better throttle response.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • More peak power and overrev.
  • You can ride in a higher gear with lower revs in many situations and use the extra low end torque to get you places with less wheel spin and much less clutch work.

This package has been tested and raced by some of the best riders in the world and the feedback has been excellent. Everyone from factory level riders to weekend trail riders have reported a significant increase in performance and rideability.

There is no change to reliability with this setup… the ignition maps, air fuel ratios and combustion chamber designs are similar to those we have run very successfully for years on modified carb models, as a result we know exactly what it can or cant handle in terms of performance mods.

In order to change the stock ECU data we have spent hundreds of hours developing our own process for accessing, changing and reloading the ECU data. TSP was the first to develop a tuned package for the TPI bikes and now we are the first to develop a package for the the Sherco’s as well.

All ECU features work normally after the reflash.  There are no issues with hard starting and no need to tune via apps or software… just install and ride!

The head and ECU re-flash give a much bigger gain in performance than any aftermarket exhaust can offer, and there’s no trade off by taking power from one area to improve power in another, as usually happens with pipes and some other bolt on parts.

If ordering the additional insert, please include which compression type you’d like in the order notes. These are normally $169.95, but only $99.95 if bought at the same time as the TSP Package. The new style of TSP head makes swapping of different compression heads a breeze. The additional insert means that if you planned to ride higher elevation, extreme enduro or even deep sand riding, you can have a spare combustion chamber to switch before the ride.

Combustion chamber designs:

LOW COMPRESSION – This head was designed to suit extreme enduro riding or for riders who are more interested in smoothness over power gain. It offers stronger bottom end torque than stock with a very smooth delivery that wont break traction too easily. It enables the rider to use lower revs and less clutch when tackling hard obstacles. The low comp design also offers maximum resistance to overheating in tough situations.

MEDIUM COMPRESSION – This head  suits the majority of trail riders and racers who want better bottom and mid power and a gain up top as well. The power delivery is much stronger and more tractable than stock and suits a wide range of riding conditions. Suited to 95 or 98 RON fuel (approx 89 or 91 in the USA).

HIGH COMPRESSION – This head suits riders who want harder hitting power everywhere, especially down low, and are happy to sacrifice some overrev to achieve this. It completely transforms the bike into a weapon, but can be a handful in some situations at sea level. It can also be used at higher elevation (above 1000m) to achieve a similar power delivery to the medium compression head at sea level. Must use with 98 RON fuel at sea level (approx 91 in the USA). We don’t recommend using this design for extreme enduro due to the increased tendency to overheat in very tight, technical riding near sea level, or for high revving applications like desert racing or supermoto… best to use the low or med designs for those applications.


New Sherco 300 instructions:

When fitting the TSP Sherco 300 Head, you must ensure that you have a 0.00mm to -0.10mm deck height. This may be achieved by using either a 0.50mm or a 1.00mm base gasket (both are supplied). The best way to check this is to put a ruler for reference flat across the top of the cylinder, and when rotating the engine to top dead centre, the middle flat part of the piston should touch the ruler or come within -0.10mm. You should not have a positive deck height. Some of the Sherco models that come out with slightly different cylinder heights so this needs to be checked.




  • Purchase the Power Kit by placing an online order, select your desired combustion chamber and payment method
  • Send us your stock ECU with a copy of the order confirmation you receive via email
  • Once we receive your ECU we will reflash it and return it with the head & Spark Plug


Read our FAQ for other enquires and questions you may have.

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