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KTM 250SX & Husky 250TC Motocross Carby Models 2017-2018 Power Kit

$1,562.64 ex GST

KTM 250SX & Husky 250TC Motocross Carby Models 2017-2018 Power Kit

$1,562.64 ex GST

TSP Billet Head - KTM 250 and Husky TE250 17 onwards (TPI)
Compression Ratio
Billet Head Coolant Plug - For Carby Models (Fitted into TSP TPI head for use on carby models)
KTM 250SX & Husky TC250 TSP Ignition 2017-on

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Scalvini Pipe KTM 250/300 & Husky 250/300 2017-2019 Carby & TPI Models

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Below items are additional extras:

Our TSP Power Kits for carby bikes combine all the necessary elements to get maximum performance and reliability from your engine without the need for internal engine mods.

After more than a decade of building high performance engines for riders all over the world we set our sights on creating the best bolt-on packages using the wealth of knowledge we had built up from all the years of dyno and track testing. These kits are designed from the beginning so that every part works together to achieve maximum results… they are not just a selection of random components pulled off the shelf… instead we design and manufacture the head from scratch to achieve a specific power target, then choose the best pipe to compliment the spread of power we are hoping to achieve, and finally create an ignition curve that works in harmony with the fuel and combustion chamber design to extract maximum performance. All of our TSP Power Kits are extensively dyno and track tested and include notes on powervalve and carb setup. Some kits also feature extras such as a V Force reed cage or a Keihin PWK carby depending on the needs of the individual engine.

This 250 kit suits KTM, Husky and GasGas 250 models from 2019-on and includes the following components:

  • a 2 piece TSP Billet Head anodised in factory-look bronze
  • a TSP CDI unit programmed with 2 different ignition curves, plus a handlebar map switch
  • a high quality hand made cone section Scalvini pipe by Scalvini Racing in Italy

This 250 kit will get your 250 absolutely ripping and turn it into a serious race bike!! We have had this package secretly running on race tracks around the country for over 18 months now to prove the performance and reliability and can assure you that this package will outperform any other kit containing similar components.


Choose your combustion chamber from the following MX options:

MEDIUM COMPRESSION (high revving SX/TC Models): The new Med comp insert is slightly higher than the previous Med comp insert. It is best used on the SX/TC models where they are revving very hard and require smooth mid and lots of overrev.

HIGH COMPRESSION: The new High comp design is slightly higher than the previous high comp design, and slightly higher than stock. It is designed to work with 98 RON fuel (or higher) at sea level. It is best suited to SX/TC models where maximum midrange and pull from corners is required.


We HIGHLY recommend adding a Keihin PWK carby to this bike also! It is not included in the price of this kit but it does make a noticeable difference to performance, especially part throttle response and pull out of corners.


Please note, this is to suit the following models:

KTM 250 SX and Husky 250 TC Carby Models 2017 & 2018 models – For 2019, please see the later model power kit.