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Dyno Results

Do you have dyno results for your products?

All of our products are heavily dyno and track tested before we offer them for sale and many product listed on the website will have dyno graphs provided. If you do not see a dyno graph for the product you are enquiring about then just ask and we can explain the performance gains you can expect. You can also search our Facebook page as we have posted a huge amount of info there over the years including dyno graphs, comparisons and explanations of different engine setups and products.

How do your results compare to other dynos?

Every dyno is different and may produce different results. We use an Australian made Dyno Dynamics eddy current dyno. Most Dyno Dynamics dynos are know to give lower readings than other dynos, however we run ours in a mode called “Brand X” which gives outputs similar to most current model Dynojet dynos. There are 2 reasons why we do this…

1) several popular magazines who do regular dyno shootouts use Dynojet dynos… using our dyno in Brand X gives very close results to their shootouts on stock bikes which means our before and after dyno results are easily comparable to these large publications.

2) we use high level software as one of the tools to design porting and ignition changes and the results that our software offers are a much closer match to the Brand X mode results rather than the normal Dyno Dynamics results. This makes it much easier for us to compare the theoretical gains from the software with the real world gains on an engine.

We also use automatic SAE weather correction which eliminates the chances of accidental (or intentional) errors due to changes in weather. We also only post before and after comparisons with that are a fair match in terms of operating temperatures as even small changes in coolant or pipe temp can result in noticable changes in power. We will NEVER publish the initial run on a cold engine as it will almost always make the most power (albeit with less overrev due to a cold pipe). This is deceptive and can mislead customers about the gains to expect. We will only ever post graphs from hot engines after they have been pushed hard and built up normal operating temperatures.

The dyno operator  and their technique also has a huge impact on the results that are achieved, as does the setup of each bike (tyre pressure, fuel, air flow, chain tension, position of sensors, etc). We have standardised our setup of each engine as much as possible in an attempt to eliminate as many of these variables as we can.


What weather was your dyno testing done?

Our dyno has automatic SAE weather correction so changes in weather have little affect on the results.


What fuel do you use when dyno testing?

We always use pump 98 RON fuel. This is the equivalent to 91-92 AKI.


Do you have any dyno videos?

Check out our Facebook page or Youtube channel for loads of dyno videos…