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Installation Instructions

Please click on the relevant link below for additional information and Instructions/Videos:

Please note: These pages are a work in progress and are being updated regularly, if you need something that is not listed here, please contact us our ‘contact’ tab.


TSP TPI Power Kit Instructions

Includes Information regarding the idle screw, air screw and power valve settings

TSP TPI Injector relocation kit (IRK) Instructions

Includes a full PDF with photo installation, including a few videos of information & FAQ

TSP ERM (ECU Re-flash Module) User Guide

The link above takes you to the ERM Quick Start Guide explaining how to setup your ERM. Make sure you read the rest of the User Guide for a full understanding of how to use the ERM.

TSP Head/Insert Installation + Technical specifications

Includes all squish clearances, fuel recommendations and install instructions for our TSP Billet heads/Inserts

KTM/Husky Offset flywheel key Installation

Includes a video & write up of how to install our offset flywheel key

PWK Carburettor Install + TSP Head jetting specifications

Soon to include a video & jetting specifications to suit our billet heads

TSP Carby Power Kit Instructions

Includes information regarding fitting a TSP Billet head, Scalvini pipe, and a TSP Ignition including each bike’s map settings

Rebuild kit additional information