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Please see below review videos and testimonies from customers and high level riders!

We will endeavor to update this as frequently as we can, and this is a currently a work in progress.


Video reviews:

300TPI TSP Power kit review – by David Knight


300TPI TSP Power kit review – by Rich Larsen


KTM150SX TSP Power kit review – By Dirt Bike Test



Customer email reviews:

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H – 2016 KTM 300EXC (TSP Medium comp head)
I followed the instructions as per your QR code link and everything worked perfectly. Which brings me to today’s ride. Wow. What a difference! Had some minor adjustments to the carby  but what an unbelievable improvement- probably the best bolt on mod I’ve ever had.
Steve – 2021 KTM 150TPI (TSP Power kit)
Wow, what a difference to my 150 tpi
The laggy bottom end has gone and it now has a smooth power delivery from idle to limiter.
It will now lug up techy terrain without bogging and I can run a gear higher in the single.
The 150 is a little hard enduro weapon.
Ernie – 2020 KTM 150TPI (TSP Power kit)
I don’t usually send immediate product feedback unless it’s really bad or really good…and in this case it’s really good! Installation was easy and performance is outstanding. I received the kit Tuesday evening and took my first ride Thursday on a well known practice track. Lots of rock, roots, hills, tight pines, and a couple open field sections. Initially temps were near freezing and everything was covered in ice, so it was a little tough to judge, but I was very relieved to see that it didn’t lose any low rpm tractability. In fact, I found it easier to roll on the throttle in slick conditions because the transition is smoother and the low to mid flutter is totally gone. Later with the sun out and the temperature reaching 50F traction was actually pretty good in places. That’s when I learned this thing really rips. Had a buddy with me on an ‘18 150 and I immediately gapped him every time we hit open sections or long uphills. And I was able to stay in third in the rolling tight sections, where he was shifting between third and second and using a lot of clutch. Nice! Super crisp and pulls significantly smoother and stronger than stock. I’m excited to see how it does at Sumter.