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Rebuild Kits

What’s in a TSP branded top end rebuild kit?

Our TSP top end rebuild kits include:

      • A Meteor cast piston kit (piston rings, circlips and gudgeon pin). Made in Italy
      • A top end gasket set. Made in Italy
      • A little end bearing. Made in Japan



What’s in a TSP branded full rebuild kit?

Our TSP full rebuild kits include:

      • A Meteor cast piston kit (piston rings, circlips and gudgeon pin). Made in Italy
      • A full gasket set (all engine gaskets and o-rings). Made in Italy
      • An oil seal kit (all oil seals, including crank seals). Made in Italy
      • Left and right side main bearings. Made in Japan
      • A con rod kit (con rod, thrust washers, big end roller bearing, little end roller bearing. Made in Japan

Are TSP parts as good as genuine parts?

Yes! We source all of our parts from OEM manufacturers… this means they manufacture and supply genuine parts for brands such as KTM, Yamaha, Beta, Sherco, etc. All the parts we source are THE BEST quality available.

Our pistons come from Meteor Pistons in Italy and they are the highest quality pistons available, equivalent to genuine and Vertex in every way. In fact, Meteor and Vertex are located very close to each other and many of their products are almost identical. Meteor has been manufacturing pistons since the 1950’s and they produce genuine pistons for various make including KTM, Beta and others. Meteor pistons are cast pistons made using 18% Silicon Aluminium alloys for reduced expansion, combined with a range of treatments including anti-friction coatings,  ceramic coatings and semi-hard oxidation to improve engine life and performance.

Our gaskets, o-rings and seals are sourced from OEM suppliers in Italy as well. These components are often identical to many genuine parts (because they are made by the same suppliers) and where they do differ from genuine they are always of equal quality to genuine and made from the correct materials. One key difference among aftermarket brands of gaskets, o-rings and seals is that many of the popular brands are made in Taiwan (including Vertex gaskets, Pro X, Winderosa, NE, Tusk, etc). The components that come out of Taiwan are almost always made of inferior materials and the gasket kits usually contain the minimal amount of parts possible. By comparison many of our kits include extras such as copper washers, spark plug dirt covers, multiple base gaskets, plus all the necessary powervalve o-rings and seals.

Finally, all of our bearings and con rod kits come from well know suppliers such as Pro X, NTN and Koyo, and are usually made in Japan.


What size piston should I use?

Ideally you should measure your bore with a proper bore dial gauge and then select the piston that offers the appropriate piston to bore clearance. For example most 250/300 pistons require 0.06mm clearance (0.07mm clearance for 300 TPI pistons), or 0.05mm clearance for 65, 85 and 125 pistons.

If you don’t have access to the CORRECT equipment to measure the bore accurately then a very rough guide is as follows…

            • For bikes up to 125cc
              • Less than 50 hours use an A size
              • More than 50 hours use a B size
            • For 250cc and above
              • Less than 80 hours use an A size
              • More than 80 hours use a B size (note, some sellers recommend going to a B size after only 25 hours)

Of course there are always exceptions to these rules! You are always better off having a bit too much clearance than not quite enough.


How do your kits differ from other brands/genuine?

Our parts are equal quality to genuine and some of our kits even contain parts that are identical to the genuine parts.
Compared to other aftermarket brands our kits are the ONLY kits available that match the quality of the genuine parts with every single item in the kit… for example many other leading brands use inferior material for O-rings, or use paper gaskets where the genuine item is metal, or use gaskets of the wrong thickness in critical areas. All of our kits contain the correct parts in the correct materials and the correct thicknesses!


Where are your parts made?

All the parts we source are made in Italy and Japan.