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Offroad Setups

Our Offroad setups suit everyone from the average trail rider through to serious racers. These builds basically maximise the potential of the stock engine design without modifying the stock port layout. There’s no loss of reliability from stock but there are big gains in power!

These setups use the same Performance Head Designs as our other packages, combined with our Standard Cylinder Porting to improve power throughout the rpm range by making the absolute most of the stock cylinder design. All casting flaws are removed, the cylinder base is matched to the base gasket and cases, the intake and exhaust ducts are smoothed and shaped, the port windows are carefully cleaned up and the powervalve components matched to the exhaust duct. Depending upon the power delivery required these setups may also involve machining the cylinder base to get the ports in the right spot or the use of epoxy to increase bottom end and throttle response. There is virtually no risk to reliability with these packages and the gains are very noticeable.

Offroad Package ModsDescriptionPrice

Performance Head Design
Standard Cylinder Porting
Powervale strip, clean and rebuild
Machine Cyl Base (when needed)

Choice of power delivery. Offers more power everywhere, maximises the stock design potential, more stable jetting, reduced risk of detonation, better fuel economy. Really transforms most stock bikes. Keeps the basics of the original cylinder design. Does not include labour to remove/refit parts or labour to measure current squish clearance.$530 – $640
Suggested ExtrasV Force reed cage
Carb Oval Bore (adds mid/top)
SX Ignition (KTM EXC’s only)
Specialist Top end rebuild labour
Specialist Top and bottom rebuild labour
Dyno tuning/jetting
Piston kit, gaskets for top end rebuild
Crank bearings, seals, parts for bottom end
from $175
$300-$400 approx
$700-$800 approx
$150-$300 (eg 250cc usually ~$240)
$ ask for quote


TSP single track