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Stroker/Long Rod Builds

Big bore stroker

CR280 Big Bore/Long Rod/Stroker engine

We offer Big Bore, Stroker and Long Rod builds for many late model two stroke dirtbikes. These are complete engine builds and are not available in kit form…. you must send us your complete engine or bike and we will build your dream engine for you. These builds are something special and will completely transform your engine!

Send us your complete engine and we will do the following depending on requested specs…

– Strip down and clean all parts
– Computer design new port timings and cylinder head profile to suit your needs
– Bore, port and replate your cylinder
– Supply a brand new modified stroker crank (balancing available)
– Rebuild your crankshaft with a long con rod
– Machine a new head profile to give the correct squish clearance, compression ratio and shape to suit your needs
– Supply a new piston kit to suit the new bore size
– Supply all gaskets, seals and main bearings (transmission bearings will be charged extra if required)
– Modify the powervalve to suit the new bore size
– CNC machine a cylinder spacer plate to suit the new stroke if required
– Check the clutch and transmission and replace worn parts if necessary (clutch and transmission parts charged extra)
– Assemble the complete engine making sure all tolerances, port timings and measurements are correct


All of our Big Bore Stroker and Long Rod engines will be built for the broadest spread of power possible unless you request something different. Your engine will produce significantly more power than stock and you will have WAY more bottom end, WAY more midrange and WAY more top end.

Contact us to see what we can do for your engine.