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Returns & Claims

Release of Liability: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
By purchasing and installing Two Stroke Performance (TSP) branded parts the customer agrees to the following terms:
1. I agree that I am the owner of the parts/vehicle/motorcycle or am acting as an authorised representative of the owner.
2. I accept sole responsibility for requesting and authorising the modification and/or installation of the parts.
3. I understand that the parts I am installing may affect or void manufacturer warranty, vehicle/motorcycle insurance, vehicle/motorcycle registration and it may be illegal to operate my modified vehicle/motorcycle on public roads.
4. I understand that by installing these parts and undertaking modifications to my vehicle/motorcycle there may be resulting issues such as reduced mechanical reliability, sudden and unexpected mechanical failure, difficulty in controlling the vehicle, complete loss of control of the vehicle, or any other unforseen issue which may arise to cause loss or damage to property, personal injury or even death.
5. Due to the high performance nature of two stroke engines and the ongoing tuning and maintenance required by them I accept that Two Stroke Performance does not offer warranty of any kind on parts once they have been installed on an engine.
6. I understand these terms and accept that I am installing these parts at my own risk and I, as the owner or owner’s authorised representative, release Two Stroke Performance and its Distributors from any and all liability or claim that may arise through any loss, damage or injury incurred as a result.


Returns and Claims for online orders…
If you receive an incorrect or faulty product you must notify us within 48 hours of receiving the item via phone or email. You will need to give us the order details, the product details and possibly send a photo of the product for verification. We will then arrange for the correct item to be forwarded or for faulty items to be replaced.

We DO NOT take any returns for parts that you order incorrectly, so please double check that you are ordering the right product for your bike/engine before completing the checkout procedure. If you are unsure about what parts to order please contact us.

We DO NOT take any responsibility for any damage or loss of any kind that results from the installation or operation of parts purchased over our website. It is your responsibility to ensure that any parts ordered are the correct dimension for your engine (eg. pistons) and that parts are installed by a qualified mechanic.