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TSP Billet Head – Beta 300 2018-2021 Models

$409.05 ex GST

TSP Billet Head – Beta 300 2018-2021 Models

$409.05 ex GST

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The head comes complete with an insert. TSP additional Inserts are discounted down from $169.95 to $99.95 when ordered at the same time as a TSP complete head. Items tick-boxes below are optional extras only:
1 × TSP Head insert - suits TSP Billet Head for Beta 300 2018-2021 Models
Compression Ratio
Please select the compression you want with your head below:

This head is to suit Beta 300 2018-2021 Models (not 2022)

All Beta heads come complete with new head O-Rings and washers included.

Select your desired compression ratio from the drop down menu. All designs will work with stock base gaskets and cylinder heights and offer significant improvements over stock heads.

LOW COMPRESSION – This head was designed to suit extreme enduro riding or for riders who are more interested in smoothness over power gain. It offers strong bottom end torque with a very smooth delivery that wont break traction too easily. It enables the rider to use lower revs and less clutch when tackling hard obstacles. The low comp design also offers maximum resistance to overheating in tough situations.

MEDIUM COMPRESSION – This head  suits the majority of trail riders and racers who want better bottom and mid power and a small gain up top as well. The power delivery is much stronger and more tractable than stock and suits a wide range of riding conditions. Suited to 95 or 98 RON fuel (approx 89 or 91 in the USA).

HIGH COMPRESSION – This head suits riders who want harder hitting power everywhere, especially down low. It completely transforms the bike into a weapon. It will also suit normal trail riders who want the  same characteristics as a medium compression head, but to suit higher elevations around 1000M or higher. Best with 98 RON fuel at sea level (approx 91 in the USA). Not suitable for extreme enduro due to the increased tendency to overheat in very tight, technical riding near sea level.

Our new TSP billet cylinder heads are machined from solid 6061 T6 stock and offer improved performance, reliability and fuel economy. They are the best bolt on mod you can buy for your bike!

These Billet machined  heads feature TSP’s proven combustion chamber designs and are a ‘must have’ mod for most current model offroad bikes. Our combustion chamber designs have been used by hundreds of happy customers and have been extensively dyno tested… the gains are consistent and include: increased power throughout the rev range (especially bottom/mid), improved fuel economy, greatly reduced risk of detonation, increased top end life in many models, and much SMOOTHER power delivery.

The unique Billet design has been 100% developed, machined and tested in-house at TSP.

These Billet heads will bolt onto your standard cylinder and are designed to work with standard base gaskets.



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